Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Your strategy workshop has been postponed umpteen times because nobody has taken care of the organization?
  • Brainstorming blocks interesting ideas because the boss himself moderates and loses his neutrality?
  • The SWOT analysis developed in the workshop is a collection of well-intentioned lies?
  • Actually, you would have to clean up your portfolio, but nobody knows how to set up a clean BCG matrix anymore?
  • Nothing happened again after the last workshop and you were already in control of your day-to-day work the very next day?

    Then I can help you. I moderate your workshops neutrally, goal-oriented and with tangible outcomes. On your premises, in the nearest conference hotel or on Mallorca. And I will be happy to advise you in advance about possible analysis tools and coach your employees to complete the analyses cleanly and on time until the workshop.

My professional expertise for workshops:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategy
  • Marketing (online/offline)
  • Business Ethics and Leadership
  • Communication (internal/external)

    Interested? Then give me a call (040/98262187) or write me a mail and we will discuss everything else.

Sincerely, Philipp Riehm